Tax, superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean?

The Corporate Tax Rate. The House GOP plan, furthermore, contained a number of significant base broadeners in order to offset the revenue lost from lower rates. The Trump plan does not have those base broadeners, and as a result its corporate income tax raises substantially less revenue than that of the House GOP plan.

He earns an average full-time wage and does not think he will have enough saved in superannuation to give him a. That is because Labor is taking two major tax policies to this year’s election which.

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The movement made a big point of running alone in this election (by contrast, other major parties teamed up into electoral alliances). But the feature that gives the party its strength – its independence – may now become its weakness. In order to form a government, Five Star must find coalition partners.

The Liberal party is claiming this election that Labor intends to slug Australians with a swag of tax grabs.. Coalition claim: superannuation tax.

A Labor Party plan to impose additional tax on the superannuation of those earning over $200,000 has been backed by independent researchers, who say there is a "strong case" to lower the threshold. The shocking UK election results, explained.. What the results mean. as a result, tank the UK economy – and likely damage the EU’s as well.

His Labor opponent, Bill Shorten, will resign his party leadership.. It's put the entire result of the election in question, said Antony Green, the. The economy: Polls showed that voters were most concerned about the rising cost. but Australia has compulsory superannuation, which means all workers have.

No doubt tax will be all the. powerful force at the next election. PK: It’s interesting you say that because some Labor MPs have told me unity got them nowhere. They were unified under Bill Shorten.

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Labor Party election proposals to limit or remove these contributions to superannuation are not supported by the government and will not proceed.

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The ballot question, which asked whether taxing authorities should be able to exempt residents from paying property taxes on their primary residences, was poised to pass, with preliminary results showing the amendment winning approval with 93 percent of districts reporting results.