People That Need Debt Consolidation Should Read This

When you are considering debt consolidation, don’t automatically trust a service that says it is a nonprofit, or think they will cost less. Certain companies mask themselves as non-profit in order to fool people into using them, resulting in extremely high loan terms that you cannot get out of.

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Debt consolidation and debt settlement will come with additional fees and will often add a significant amount of time to your debt payoff plan. The lower payment and interest rate gives you the illusion of saving money, but in reality, you are adding more time and more money to your debt.

Obtaining relief from their debt is something many people struggle with.. Until you know exactly how big a debt burden you have, and how far short you fall in. You'll still have to make monthly payments, but the payments should be lower.

When debt consolidation is a good idea. Success with a consolidation strategy requires the following: Your total debt doesn’t exceed 50% of your income. Your credit is good enough to qualify for a 0% credit card or low-interest debt consolidation loan. Your cash flow consistently covers payments toward your debt.

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"A debt consolidation [loan] is putting a Band-Aid on a problem. It’s not a solution. Debt consolidation is merely changing the terms of your loan to create a payment that’s easier for your situation," Tresidder said. As part of your debt consolidation efforts, consider speaking with a debt management planner or a credit counselor.

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According to a study on personal loans, more than one-third of people who are approved for a personal loan intend to use the funds to consolidate existing debt. And for good reasons; a well-executed consolidation can both organize your debts and reduce the amount of interest you’re being charged for them.

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