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When demand exceeds supply, prices increase. To reduce the price of any commodity, including housing, you increase the supply. We have no control over the demand for housing. People will go where they.

Time to let in some fresh air on standards for low-energy homes Swing-slide combo looking a bit tired? Just imagine the hours of peace that could be gained by installing a five-star tree house in the garden. wave goodbye to the guilt as your kids enjoy summers filled with wholesome fun. And if they simply use it as a new location in which to play Minecraft, at least they’re getting some fresh air, right?

Watch the whole bit before weighing in. Sure, Maher’s rant is filled with. and coherent glimpse into the way that libertarians are viewed by left-leaning liberals. Maher stresses that he didn’t.

If Mike Baird’s Coalition manages to prevail in the NSW election this weekend then Tony Abbott will have passed a leadership hurdle. But then the much more daunting task of the federal budget looms,

Liberals’ mortgage help for first-time buyers lands Sept. 2, weeks before vote OTTAWA – A new federal program aiming to give homebuyers some help covering their mortgage costs will kick in on Labour Day – weeks before a federal election – with the first payments flowing in early November, just days after voters across Canada go

Even before the triple-header of. offer an explanation of the problem and a plan to fix it that will reassure voters and break through the din?" he asked. After all the uproar and chatter of the.

With the value of the tax breaks set to grow by as much as 18 per cent next year as our super accounts get bigger, it also makes no sense for the Federal Government. new idea – a similar plan was.

As we enter the final stages of the election campaign. The scheme, under which some first-home buyers could take out a loan with a deposit of just 5 per cent, will do more harm than good. Suppose a.

Update: Weiner is talking live right now, admitting all, but saying that he sees no reason to resign: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=1n&tag=watchnow Here’s a link to a CBS recap of the live.

Abbott knows he’s in for a beating at the Canning by-election in a few weeks. Voters are likely to accept. to be close at the commencement of the by-election campaign, and the Liberal candidate.

Changes to the Home Buyers’ Plan. The HBP has a limit of $25,000 and the Liberals don’t plan to increase that but they will loosen the existing qualification rules for the HBP to allow more Canadians affected by sudden and significant life changes-such as divorce, death of a spouse or an employment move-to access their RRSP savings for a down payment.