Active Query Builder for .NET All-in-one v3.5.20/v3.4.6

Active Query Builder is a Visual SQL Query Builder and SQL parser component suite for ASP.NET (WebForms, MVC and Core 2.0).

How to get the Source Code of Active Query Builder for .NET? A: Full Source Code of Active Query Builder for .NET can only complement developer licenses of the same. It’s a purchase option for Professional or Coroprate Subscription. You need to obtain the Source Code option only once, no matter how many developer licenses you own.

Active Query Builder is a powerful component intended to parse, analyze and create SQL queries programmatically, as well as to build them visually. Today, a part of its application programming interface is available as a web service. You can use this API in any programming environment that can send http post requests.

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Is there a dynamic Sql builder library for .Net? [closed] Ask Question 15. 6.. It allows the query to be built up and translates that to SQL against entities:. active. 3 years, 10 months ago. Blog

The internal reorganization of assemblies and core objects is described in the common Active Query Builder for .NET 3 migration guide. The new client-side Javascript rendering mode available. See the Javascript rendering Quick Start Guide for details.

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Ready-to-use client packages have been built for most popular languages and programming environments. If you can’t find your language here, you can generate it in a few clicks from the API Specification.

Active Query Builder for .NET (ID #26268) Active Query Builder for .NET is a true two-way visual SQL query building solution, sophisticated SQL parser with powerful means of query analysis and modification.

Active Query Builder is a component for business applications which helps users without any SQL experience to work with SQL queries and get data fast. Users can get a clear view of database schema and design SQL queries with natural point-and-click actions rather than tedious typing.

The Active Query Builder software suite is Windows software. Active Query Builder is database management software, and includes features such as data migration, and queries. Software pricing starts at $199.00/one-time/user.